Eastern Europe 2010


Gene Gill, his nephew Duke Gill, and Natalie Bailey Keefe toured Eastern Europe for 3 weeks in July 2010.  Their stops included Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest, and Prague.  It turned out to be the hottest July in Europe's history, with humidity to match that of Memphis.

BERLIN, Germany

Berlin Hotel

Gene Kaiser Willem Memorial Church
Kaiser Willem Memorial

Kaiser Willem Memorial


Brandenburg Gate Symbol of a Unified Berlin

Brandenburg Gate


Natalie - Gene Reichstag



New Holocaust Memorial Duke - Holocaust Memorial

Natalie - Gene


Berlin Cathedral Berlin Cathedral Interior - Berlin Cathedral
Crypts of the Czars Rest when you can

Spree River


Berlin Town Hall "Rathaus" Neptune Fountain

Neptune Fountain


Checkpoint Charlie Checkpoint Charlie

Natalie - Duke at Checkpoint Charlie


Remaining section of "The Wall" Folks chip away at the wall

Remaining section of "The Wall


Gene-Natalie-Duke Gendarmenmarkt Church at Gendarmenmarkt
Pergamon Museum Natalie - Gene Pergamon Altar from Ancient Greece
Detail:  Pergamon Altar Market Gate of Miletus

Gene at Pergamon Museum


NationalGalerie Equestrian- NationalGalerie

Impressionism:  NationalGalerie


Gene - Natalie wait at Neus Museum Queen Nefertitti



Raphaels Rubens

Vermeer - De Hooch


Natalie - Gene Berlin Train Station Train to Warsaw
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