Sue's Pre-Hospital Party 

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Great friends tossed a "pre-hospital" party for Sue on September 6, 2004, and presented her with a special Teddy Bear for company during this rough time.  Sue checked into the hospital September 9 to have surgery for breast cancer.  Another party was held for her prior to additional surgery on September 24 for skin and muscle graft.  We know all Techites will  remember Sue in their prayers.

Thanks to Joyce for these photos.  Click on any thumbnail photo for an enlargement. 

Dino's FROG Great Friends
Bill - Sue Sue - Esther Jim - Shirley
Joyce - Sue - Sue - Jim
Sue - Winford Shirley - Sue Shirley - Esther - Joyce
Jim - Winford - Bill Sue - Esther - Joyce - Shirley Winford - Bill
McLean -Tutwiler Friends Good Night!

Bill - Barry...waiting - FROG... waiting
      And the party on
           September 22...
  ...back to Dino's The group arrives
Bill - Sue Esther - Jim Sue - Ed
Joyce - Esther Sue - Shirley Sue-Esther-Joyce-Shirley
Shirley - Joyce Winford The group departs
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