Sightseeing Memphis...
with Esther, Gene, Jim, Natalie, and Carl - 2005

During April,  Gene Gill, Jim and Natalie Keefe were in Memphis to attend the "mini-reunion" at Jim and Shirley Anderson's. Gene was the luckiest of the bunch - spending special sightseeing time with Esther, a day with Jim and Natalie, and an afternoon with Carl.

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Dogwood and Azaleas




Dogwoods and Redbuds


Dogwoods and Azaleas








Tara anyone?


Esther's Home


Jim - Natalie relax at hotel.


Esther stops by the hotel.


Memphis Bridge


Monorail to Mud Island


Natalie and Jim on Monorail


Gene and Natalie


Jim -Natalie at River Museum


River Walk


Duck race on the Mississippi


Rest Stop


Memphis on the River Walk


Natalie-Gene - Memphis


Natalie-Jim - Part of Memphis Skyline


Bank at River Park


Gene and Band at River Park


Memphis Trolley


Tech High School


The Peabody Ducks


Carl - Tunica, Mississippi

Carl's "Gangster Car" being restored

Carl's classic autos

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