Techites take a European River Cruise -2011

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In June of 2011, several Techites took a European River Cruise from Belgium through the Netherlands, Germany, France, ending in Basel, Switzerland.  Gene Gill and his nephew Duke Gill started early in Amsterdam, and then traveled to Bruges, Belgium to join Martine Coleman Madlinger (T'52), Joan Smith Ludwig (T'52) and husband Jay.  After several days in Bruges, this group traveled to Antwerp to join Cortez and Jo Yarbrough Smith (T'53), and Natalie Bailey Keefe (T'53) for the beginning of the fabulous 14 day River Cruise.  (P.S.  Gene took 2100 photos - ONLY 140 appear here).



Duke Joan Jay

Martine Natalie Jo Cortez
Gene and Duke in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Delft, and Brussels...

Amsterdam Canals

Stedelijk Museum

Rembrandt House Flower Market

Tour of Bols Distillery Red Light District Gene at Hotel It's 5 PM

Haarlem Haarlem Haarlem Mozart played this organ

Delft Canals Delft Delft City Hall Delft
Brussels Gran Plac Brussels Gran Plac Brussels:  Mannekin Pis Brussels Guild Houses

...and 3 nights in beautiful, medievil Bruges, Belgium.  Joan, Jay, and Martine join us.


Bruges Canals Bruges Bruges - Gene Bruges Berg Square
Bruges Holy Blood Duke-Joan-Gene-Jay Bruges Market Square Bruges-Gene
Michelangelo Sculpture Joan-Jay Katherine visits from Paris Bruges-Martine

Katherine from Paris We splurged... Bruges Berg Square Bruges Market Square
        to the ship by bus with a stop in Gent, Belgium

Gent Gent Gent Canals Gent Guild Houses

...and the cruise begins in Antwerp, Belgium.  Natalie, Jo and Cortez join us.

M/S River Melody Joan - Jay - Cortez Get-together in Cabin First Dinner
Natalie Antwerp Guild Houses Antwerp "Our Lady" Home of Rubens
Willemstad, Netherlands   Kinderkijk, Netherlands  
Willemstad Harbor Willemstad windmill Kinderkijk Windmills Kinderkijk windmills
    Nijmegen, Netherlands  
Safety Drill on ship Relax time-Private Deck Nijmegen Natalie - Nijmegen
5 PM Get-together in cabin Jo - Gene Joan's Birthday Celebration continues...
Bonn, Germany      
Arriving Bonn Statue of Beethoven Market Square Beethoven's Birth House
  Cochem, Germany    
Damn!  This is in German Cochem Castle  Cochem Market Square  Gene- 1st Ice Cream
    Bernkastel, Germany  
Cochem:  Natalie-Martine  Cruising Bernkastel  Bernkastel
    Trier, Germany  
Bernkastel Bernkastel Trier Gardens Trier Palace

Trier Cathedral Trier Market Square Market Square Trier:  Porte Nigra
 2nd Ice Cream American Cemetery American Cemetery George Patton
Luxembourg Palace Luxembourg Luxembourg Gene has a birthday.
  Traban-Trarbach, Germany    
Celebration continues... Traban-Trarbach Traban-Trarbach Traban-Trarbach
    Speyer, Germany  
Scenic cruising Scenic Cruising Speyer - Light rain Speyer Cathedral
    Strasbourg, France  
Speyer Gate Bloody Mary Time Strasbourg Cathedral Strasbourg
Frau Natalie Strasbourg canals Strasbourg Strasbourg
Riquewhir, France      
Riquewhir - charming Riquewhir Riquewhir Riquewhir
  Basel, Switzerland    

Riquewhir - Gene Basel - Cortez Basel Basel Gate
Basel Basel Basel - Duke Jay-Cortez-Nat-Joan-Gene

...and more general scenes around the ship

M/S River Melody River boats are long and low Lounge Dining
Dining Lounge Lounge Dancing - Lounge
12 Friends Cabin Cabin with Visitors Cabin - Bed
Lounge Dining Sun Deck Sun Deck - Joan