On the Road with Jim  and Natalie

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June 2004: Each summer, Jim and Natalie Keefe have visited with the twins, Jean and Joan (Hollingsworth), Tech '53.  This year their get-together was held at Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio, which is noted for its splendid natural setting, towering cliffs, waterfalls, deep gorges, and never-ending forests. 

Thanks to Jim Keefe for these photos.   Click on any thumbnail photo for an enlargement. 

Hocking Hills State Park Morning Walk Small Waterfall
The Group Dinner Dinner
Joan - Jean - Natalie Natalie - Joan Cave
Walking Natalie Mountain "Cabin"
Another "cabin" It won't fit Jim - Natalie
Jim - Natalie Bob - George Waterfall
Natalie Super Girl Bob - Jean - Joan - George
On the trail The Inn Morning Light
The Group The other side Another view

It takes three

...or just one

George fixes belt


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