Esther's Vacation - May 2004
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Esther Stuart Scott took a great 2 1/2 week trip through the Historic East with her brother Herbert Stuart (Tech '48) and his wife Peggy Paine Stuart (Tech 49). She returned home with "tired bones" and says that during the trip she "...fought the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, enjoyed life in historic Washington, historic Williamsburg, historic Alexandria, historic Salem, and read every plaque and looked in every house along the way".

Thanks to Esther Stuart Scott  for these photos.   Click on any thumbnail photo for an enlargement. 


Blowing Rock NC
Peggy and Herbert
Cowee Mountains
Grandfather Mountain NC
Little Switzerland NC
Linville Falls
McClean House
Moravian Village Workers
Moravian Village 
Touch a Shark
USS Ronald Reagan
Historic Williamsburg
Williamsburg Monticello
Dinner Old Alexandria Korean Memorial Hope Diamond
World War II Memorial Natural History Museum Supreme Court
Tomb of Unknown FDR Memorial Kennedy Graves
Cruising National Cathedral Esther and her "treasures"
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