Destin, Florida with Sara and family

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July 2004: Sara Barrett Cave spent a week in Destin, Florida, on the Gulf Coast, with her daughter Susan, her son Richard, his wife Rene, and two children, Katie and Jon Luke. 

Thanks to Rene and Susan for these photos.   Click on any thumbnail photo for an enlargement. 

- Map Welcome to Destin
Miramar  Beach Sara Katie - Jon - Susan - Sara
Jon Luke Katie - Susan Windancer Condo
Sara - Jon Luke Katie - Rene Richard - Jon Luke
Sara - Jon Luke Richard - Rene Katie
Sara Jon - Katie - Richard Sara - Susan - Katie - Jon
Sara - Katie Jon - Susan - Katie - Sara Katie - Susan
Katie Jon Luke Mermaid
Building the dragon Jon Luke The dragon
The dragon The dragon Jon Luke
Sara - Rene Rene - Susan Susan - Rene

Sara - Jon Luke - Susan The family Beautiful water


Buzzard in the Road

Barrett Homestead


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