September Get-together 2003

September 13 at the Anderson's:  Shirley and Jim Anderson hosted this month's  get-together at their beautiful  home in Germantown. 41 classmates were present. 

After you've seen the small photos on this page, please click on the "Slide Show" box for an automatic slide show featuring enlargements of all these photos.  Thanks to Sue Lee Johnson for the photos.

Music Info
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"Best All Around"


Bennie - Sue - Shirley


"Miss Tech - Mr. Tech"





Automatic Slide Show


Gerald - Karl


Les Girls






Bill - Rex - Sy - Bill



Jesse - Bill 



Jim - Betty - Glenda



Esther - Sue






Linda - Ann - Walker



Tom - Bennie



Faye - Sammie



Rex - Norma



Glenda - Jesse



Trae - Helen - Ann

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