June Get-Together 2003

June 14 at the Kimberlin's  - Carl and Ann Kimberlin hosted our get-together at their beautiful  country home in Olive Branch. 39 classmates, along with some uninvited but certainly welcome guests, got together for a great fish fry.

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The cooks


Walker - Malcolm - Bill -Gerald - Bill


Ray - Winford - Glenn


Bill's Army Jeep


Frying Fish


Sue - Cadillac




Carl - Ford


Hollywood Kids


Joyce - Florine


Sue - Esther


Bob - Sy


Gloria-Roberta - Mildred
Faye - Connie - Ruth Ann


Gloria - Roberta


Trae - Benny


Ann - Esther


Sue - Benny


Elizabeth - Gloria


Sy - Bill - Bob


Helen - Gerald


Sammie - Connie


Sy - Bill - Roberta


Gerald - Bill - Florine


Bill - Faye - Florine


Esther - Benny - Sue


Trae - Helen


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