Memphis Tech High
50th Reunion - Reception

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October 5, 2001
This get-acquainted reception was held in the picturesque setting of a horse stable turned clubhouse.  It was a great atmosphere to start a fun weekend.  Click on any thumbnail for an enlargement.


Sue Lee Johnson
Joyce Sides Baker

Ralph Bennett - 

Alex and Dottie McCollum

Shirley Anderson



Esther - Gwen - Margaret

Barbara Reed Pope
Norma Greer King

Carl - Jim - Jerry - Ben

Howard Busselle - 
Sue Lee  - Jim Dickson


Gene Gill - 
Natalie Bailey Keefe

Bob Ricks
Bob Crenshaw

Tom - Bennie Moore Campbell
Gene Howard

Roy Johnson
Joe Black


Glenda Beene - 
Jesse Pearson

Alice - Don Gatewood

A few of the girls

Bob Newman
Bill Nethery


Bobby and May Harris

Faye Berryhill McCracken
Gerald McCracken

Roberta Mooney Lockhart
Glenn Lockhart

Bill Johnson
Sue Lee Johnson


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